Versatility coupled with a unique musical style and natural vocal talent reflects the heritage and experience of Darcus.
Born in Kansas City Mo. and raised in Los Angeles the city of Angels Darcus is truly warranted the title of a gifted angel.
Her early musical instincts were strongly encouraged by her family, including piano lessons at the tender age of 3, followed by violin, clarinet, and drum instruction. After attending the Conservatory of Music in Toledo Ohio Darcus returned to Los Angeles and began private study under the direction of Ina Zan. Darcus launched her career by singing background for many artist including Smokey Robinson, Johnny Mathis, Gladys Knight and Frank Sinatra among others. On the strength of her session reputation, Darcus formed her group, and the rest is history. As a performer, Darcus is constantly striving to give her audience more than they expect, whether it is dialogue, nostalgic song, or a stroll in the crowd.
The warm chemistry that flows between her and the audience is indescrible. One reviewer quoted "Darcus has the ability to hush the audience with a whisper or raise them to there feet in a frenzy applause and jubilation." She has a natural elegance of movement. She has style, class and knows exactly what she is doing on stage. A New York reviewer wrote " I've never seen an audience so genuinely healthy in love.
Here is the warmest and one of the best live performances I've ever seen. She has a command of any audience she faces." Challenge has always been the key to ‘Darcus' career. She is one of the few performers to emerge as a glamorous and versatile entertainer and combine the excitement of the music world with the elegance of the motion picture screen without compromising any of her special magic. Darcus has also thrilled sports fans worldwide with her heart stopping rendition of the National Anthem performed at several televised championship sporting events.
Recognized for her extraordinary talent, Darcus has manage to capture a spotlight in Las Vegas where she has carved the name Darcus in the hearts, minds, body, and souls of audiences from all over the world. Darcus has completed 2 CDs' Darcus' (RCA) 'Darcus live at Paris Hotel LasVegas'
Darcus has performed hundreds of jingles, 2 movie soundtracks Out Of Sync (L.L.Cool J.) Eddie (Whoopie Goldberg) And has been an opening act for such celebrity acts as: David Brenner, Whoopie Goldberg, Don Rickles, Dennis Miller, and a host of others. Darcus is a member of SAG and has been for many years.
Darcus was the lead vocalist in the Musical hit DreamStreet. Darcus continues to astonish audiences with her impeccable vocal song styling of an endless era.
If you haven't gotten some Darcus GET SOME!

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